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Here you can read everything you ever wanted to know about all the Hello Kitty cartoon friends. As she says, "You can never have too many friends!" Meet all her friends here.
Hello Kitty Angel

hello kitty friends

Hello Kitty

Name: Kitty White
Birthday: November 1, 1974
Blood type: A (Negative)
Place of birth: Suburban London
Height: That of five apples
Weight: That of three shiny apples
Good at: Baking cookies, International Studies, Making pancakes for friends, Origami, bows
Favorite food: Apple pie made by Mama (A.K.A. mum or Mary)
Hobbies: Traveling, music, reading, eating yummy cookies her sister Mimmy bakes, and best of all making new friends.
Favorite word: "Friendship", "best"
Collects: Small cute things like sweets, stars, goldfish, etc.
Best school subjects: English, French, history, music, visual arts.
Description: A bright and kind-hearted kitten. Very close to her twin sister Mimmy.
hello kitty friends Timmy and Tammy

Timmy and Tammy

They're mischevious little monkees. Wherever the fun is, they're always in the middle of it.
The funniest little monkeys at school. They are very friendlyand always show you new things to make you laugh. They are like the little entertainers of all.
hello kitty cathy friend kitty friends Cathy


Cathy is quiet and gentlenot as talkative like some of other Kitty's friends. A nd always taking care of others, which makes her an unique friend. She is like an older sister to everyone.
hello kitty friend tracy kitty friends Tracy


Tracy is a racoon who is always into mischieve, but she's everyone's friend. Tracy loves to joke around with the others, always brings out laughterand joy to the friends around him with his harmless mischief. Heis everyone's good buddy.
hello kitty friend rory kitty friends lorry


Rory lives in the forest and knows the forest well. A smart little squirrel that hello kitty met while gathering flowers in the forest. he taught her the secrets of the forest. Roryloves to climb up trees and jump around from branch to branch.

More of Hello Kitty's friends

hello kitty friend thomas kitty friends Thomas


Thomas is very energetic and rollerskates wherever he goes.
hello kitty friend fifi kitty friends Fifi


Fifi is very fiesty, she is always talking and doing things. Fifi is the most energetic student out of all, she is always runningaround doing something! She just doesn't know when to stop.
She is always busy and occupied and you will besuprised all the things she does and how little rest the takes.
hello kitty friend joey kitty friends Joey


Joey is a fast mouse who wins many track events. He is Hello Kitty's best friend. Joey is a humorous and a good friend with everyone. His wit andcharm has turned him into one of the most popular student at school. He also has a girlfriend who is as energetic as him.
hello kitty friend mory kitty friends Mory


Mory is a small, cute but extremely shy seal who lives in Kitty'sbackyard. You find her in his little pond most of the time enjoyinga bit of sun baking.

hello kitty friend jody kitty friends Jody


Jody is a dog who is quite the bookworm. She is a dogwith all the knowledge, and loves to read and study to become smarter.Her dream is to become a researcher one day.
hello kitty friend thomas kitty friends Thomas


Tippy is a big bear who is strong and kindhearted, always there to help you in times of trouble. Tippy has a crush on Kitty and wants to be her boyfriend.
hello kitty friends tiny chum

Tiny Chum

A small cute bear who is always there to keep you companied.Tiny Chum has been a good friend with both Hello Kitty and Mimi for a longtime now, and they are such good friends that Mimi and Kitty treat TinyChum like their younger brother.

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