Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater Episode Guide

Here you will find a list of all the episodes of Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater.
The New Hello Kitty episodes are at the bottom.

Hello Kitty Episode guide - Season 1

Hello Kitty Mermaid1. Cinderkitty
Poor little Cinderkitty is always up to her whiskers in chores. But with help of her Fairy Catmother (Grandma Kitty) she'll find fun adventure and true love all before the stroke of midnight

2. Kitty Locks and the Three Bears
Shes cute she's cuddly and shes just been caught sleeping in someones elses bed! It sounds like trouble but no one can outwit Kitty Locks not even the three very hungry bears

3. Sleeping Kitty
Hello Kitty falls fast asleep when the mean witch Fangora puts a curse on her. Now it's up to Prince Tuxedo Sam to work some magic and wake the sleeping beauty

4. Kitty and the Beast
Hello Beauty falls in love with a beast which had been a Prince then when hello beauty kissed him he turned back into a Prince

5. Snow White Kitty and the one Dwarf
Evil Queen Catnip sends Hunter Chip to banish Snow White Kitty to the Forest for being pretty. There she befriends Dwarf Grinder who saves her from Catnips next attack.

Hello Kitty Episode guide Season 2

6. Peter Penguin  
Fly away to Never-say-never-land as Hello Kitty helps rescue Dinglebell (My Melody) from the wicked captain Claw (Catnip) in this enchanting adventure culminating in a pie fight to the finish

7. Tar-Sam of the Jungle
Tar-Sam the ape penguin loves swinging from vines with new Pal Kitty-Jane. But when Hunter Catnip comes slinking through the trees it'll take Tar-Sam and all his Jungle friends to stop her!

8. Paws of the Round Table  
Once upon a meow brave king Arthur (chip) defeated a mighty dragon to rescue the beautiful Lady Bunnyvere. . .but not without the help of his magic sword Excalibur and of course Hello Kitty

9. Crocodile Penguin  
G'day boys and girls! Hello Kitty's newest pal is Crocodile Penguin wrestling champ of Australia. And with a little unintended help from Catnip and Fangora he'll soon be champion of the world.

10. Grinder Genie and the Magic Lamp
Magic comes to life when Hello Kitty and Sam find a lamp with a genie inside make three wishes and save Grandpa Kitty from the evil Sultaness Catnip

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